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5 Things Companies Do Wrong During 180 Assessments

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Feb 25, 2019 10:49:21 PM

When used well, 180 degree assessments can provide a wealth of information to managers and employees. This information can help you become more effective in fulfilling your workplace duties while also informing succession planning.

When not used well, 180 degree assessments are often less effective. For this reason, it’s important to identify common mistakes companies and employees make when using these assessments. By identifying these mistakes, companies can avoid them and get the most out of 180 degree feedback.

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6 Benefits Of 180 Degree Feedback

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Feb 18, 2019 10:44:06 AM

Looking to revamp your organization's employee performance appraisal method?

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What Is A 180 Degree Performance Appraisal?

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Feb 8, 2019 8:33:56 AM
Implementing an effective performance appraisal system is key for meeting a wide range of organizational goals, from employee retention to talent development.

Understanding the best type of performance appraisal for your organizational needs as well as how to overcome the traditional barriers to effective performance assessments, however, can be challenging.

For many companies and positions, a 180 degree performance appraisal can be the most productive and constructive form of performance appraisal, offering a myriad of benefits for your organization and your employees alike--and here's why.

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The Cost Of A 180 Degree Leadership Assessment

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Feb 2, 2019 2:47:16 PM

Leadership assessments are designed to improve the effectiveness of supervisors, managers, executives, and other leaders within your organization.

Ultimately, the end result should be a return on your investment, which brings up the question, what is the cost of a 180 degree leadership assessment?

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180 Degree Feedback For Managers

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Dec 17, 2018 9:16:48 PM

When most people think of 180 degree assessments, they typically think of them as a way to help low-level employees who may be out of line. The truth is these assessments are useful for anyone at any level of an organization, including managers.

While 360 degree assessments provide a full range of feedback from everyone a manager interacts with, a 180 degree evaluation can still be valuable in that it may open up a conversation between managers and their higher-ups and improve performance.

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180 Degree Feedback Examples

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Nov 28, 2018 11:48:02 AM

Every so often, everyone needs a reality check.

Professional assessments, such as 180 degree feedback, allow your employees to see where they stand with respect to their job performance. These assessments help them determine where they’re deficient and how they can improve.

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180 Degree Feedback Questions

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Nov 28, 2018 11:42:11 AM

180 degree assessments are designed to gather data from individuals and their supervisors in order to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Both an individual and their supervisor provides specific answers to a series of 180 degree feedback questions regarding the individual’s skills and their job performance.

From there, any misunderstandings and discrepancies can be resolved, the individual can receive praise for their strengths, and actionable plans can be made to foster improvement.

The key to an effective assessment is a clear-cut structure and specifically targeted questions.

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What’s The Difference Between A 360 And 180 Leadership Assessment?

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Nov 8, 2018 8:43:37 PM

Accurately assessing the skill and aptitude of the leaders in your organization is critical for a wide range of applications, from determining who to promote to developing those with leadership potential to carrying out succession planning. 

Implementing a leadership assessment system that can identify your organization's leaders and help boost the leadership skills of your employees is crucial for meeting these goals--but what is the most effective form of leadership assessment?

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What Is A 180 Degree Assessment?

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Nov 8, 2018 8:32:45 PM

Performance assessments can be stressful. Traditionally, no one likes giving or receiving such an appraisal, and many view the process as unnecessary.

Implementing a system of 180 degree assessments, however, provides a more well-rounded approach to the performance review process and can serve to improve communication, morale and--yes--performance.

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The Strengths & Weaknesses of Today’s Emerging Leaders

Posted by Paul O'Keefe on Sep 28, 2018 8:13:43 AM

Ideals of what it means to be an effective leader have evolved significantly over the last decade, as has the nature of the workplace.

Emerging leaders are developing very quickly to fulfill the kinds of roles they’ll have in the near future, which in many cases is a good thing. The ability to learn and adapt quickly has become vital to our current society, and leaders who possess those strengths are better equipped to succeed than those who do not.

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