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Edge Training 180 Assessment Pricing

Edge Training’s 180 Degree Assessments process provides a complete picture of the employee’s aptitudes and potential for effective leadership within the organization. This information is gathered from feedback from the employee’s direct manager, as well as the employee’s own perception of their leadership skills and put into a detailed 60+ page 180-Feedback report.

The 180-degree feedback process is fully managed and monitored by Edge Training. Over 95% of feedback providers complete their confidential assessment feedback as a result.

Here are our 180 Assessment pricing tiers:

Number of Employees to be Evaluated: 1-20 21-50 50+
Assessment Cost (per employee): $99 $89 $79
Coaching Call Cost (optional - per employee): $175 $175 $175
Total Cost Per Employee: $274 $264 $254


 Note: Additional discounts for non-profits, government agencies, and others may also apply. 


Advantages of the Edge 180 Feedback Assessment:

  • Confidential feedback from employees and their direct supervisor(s) that can aid in better communication of expectations.

  • Allows leaders to gain insight on training needs and speak to an employee’s development plan.

  • Access to action planning tools, e-Learning courseware, and developmental resources.

  • Administrators can track the progress of leaders and feedback provider groups online, send reminder email notices, and access assessment results as they are completed and scored.

  • Detailed 60+ page 180-feedback report available online or by email or paper-based distribution.

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Custom Assessments Available

Edge Training Systems has extensive experience with customized assessments. We have customized 180 assessments for a wide variety of clientele. We will review your competency model and develop a 180 assessment based on the competencies and desired behavior for the target audience.

Whether you have already developed your behavioral items and are just looking for a partner to collect and report data, or are looking for a partner to develop an assessment for you, Edge Training has the experience to complete the job in a cost effective and timely manner.

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